History of Karnataka Geologists Association

Karnataka Geologist's Association is a fraternity of officers of all cadres in the Geology stream of the Department of Mines and Geology, Karnataka.

It made a humble beginning in the year 1966(1966-67), under the name "Assistant Geologist Association", and later the scope of the Association became wider keeping with the expansion of the Department and was renamed as "Karnataka Geologist Association" in the year 1998.

All these years, besides serving its members in various administration matters related to their service conditions and prospects. The Association is striving hard to provide useful technical information to its members and those who are engaged in the industry of Minerals, Stones and Groundwater Science.

Our Association has seen 55 winters. With the sustained active support of Earth Science related Entrepreneurs, we have been publishing "Geologists Diary" every year since 1967, and It is the 55th "Geologist Diary" in the series. More than a mere diary itis more appropriate to call it as a "Technical Digest" considering new technical information it contains every New Year.

To mark the Centenary year of the Department of Mines and Geology in 1994, our Association brought out a unique volume entitled "GEOKARNATAKA" - a collection of scientific papers contributed by nationally and internationally reputed eminent Earth Scientists on various Geological aspects of Karnataka.

In the year 2006 our Association has published another "Collector's Edition" entitled "GEOMORPHOLOGY OF KARNATAKA" - rich collection of photographs and maps on the varied facets of landforms of the Magnificent land of Karnataka. The volume was released on 15th September 2006 by the then Governor of Karnataka, His Excellency Dr T N Chaturvedi, which was witnessed by large number Earth scientists of the State. These are our few contributions to the Society.